Children of the Year

How Winter loved his sister, Spring, Though all that he did well preserve, (Yes, each and every little thing) She meddled in without reserve; But then her sweet and cheery smile Would melt him in a little while. Ah! Lovely Spring, a tender heart, Enlivened all with just her touch, And wept when Winter did depart, For he indulged her very much; Yet how she glowed so bright with glee When Summer came for company Because she was her favorite one; They treasured all the time they spent, For all that was by Spring begun, Did Summer sweetly complement, Until the farewell grackle call Would welcome in capricious Fall. Well, Autumn was his proper name, For Summer leaves where Autumn goes To huff at those who shun his game, And shower gifts on whom he chose, Till Winter comes to calm him down, And wait for Spring’s return to town.

I Hope You Like Flowers

I was at the Highland Park Poetry Open Mic last Friday, and got to participate in my first on-the-spot poetry challenge. The theme was Gifts. I managed the below in the eight minutes I had. It irks me when I Can’t figure out why I can’t think of what sort Of present to buy. I know who its for, And what makes her smile, Yet this silly task Is taking a while. Oh well, I won’t sweat it, I’ll settle for flowers; So much for my ‘riginal Thoughts all these hours. And if she despises My gift to her, I’ll Utter these words with A┬ásincere smile: And then I ran dry. I was stuck, stuck, STUCK! When Jennifer Dotson called my name, I walked up and recited it, and generated some laughter at my dangling ending. And NOW, three days later, I decided to finish with this… “I fear to buy What dazzles the eye Lest it become to you Much dearer than I; But flowers shall wilt Till they are a mess, And spare you the guilt Of loving me less.” … just had to finish what I started.