Elegy To Our Mother

On the passing of my dear mother-in-law: Ayesha Fayroze Zamani Begum (1948 – 2012) Allahumma Aghfir lahaa Ammi, I always wished for you To be a better mother, To be my wise protector who Would one way or another Make all my troubles go away, Complete my youth with care, And sigh away my chatter while You fixed my tangled hair; Or flush my spirit with your tales Of wisdom and delight, That in my older years would serve Me as a guiding light. But you had troubles of your own: Afflictions of the mind; My oldest memory of you A thing to leave behind. I’ve watched you wander in a daze, And heard you babble what The medication and the drugs Did to your every thought. And most of all I felt for you Was born of sympathy, I’ve wondered what the purpose of Your pointless life could be. Now after all these heavy years, Of sickness, and defeat, You flood me with your wisdom as I sit beside your feet; Resounds in all your muted pain A lifelong dignity, And in your blinking eyes is plain Your shining love for me. My silent tears drain my breast; As you exhale your last, I see your glowing face attest An unassuming past. And I may never comprehend This mercy lofty, high, For in your soft and graceful end, You’ve shown me how to die. In all your towering innocence, You rest within your grave, A soul without complaint or […]

Sitting On The Banks Of Reflection

Your smile, my child, I love your smile, It takes me to a sunny place, And if you hold it for a while, I’ll feel its warmth upon my face. Your laugh, my child, I love it so, I’m taken by your mirthful eyes To where the babbling waters flow Upon the bed that never dries. And when our journey is complete, Will you and I walk hand in hand With him who all the angels greet With all the praise his names command, To, on the lush eternal banks Of sweet reflection, realize The golden sunshine of a smile In silver streams of mirthful eyes. As we beseech in Paradise: Ilaahi, send your prayers and peace Upon the dearest of your friends, And on his blessed family, And all of his companions.

Save Your Soul

Love him that you too may be loved, Miss him, and you’ll be missed; Just long to kiss his hand that might Your longing face be kissed. Despise him for eternal hate, And slander him for shame; Avenging angels long await Who desecrate his name. Yet he, without the bounds of time, Within his place of rest, Is eagerly awaiting you To be his honored guest; For on the Throne encompassing The seventh firmament Is One whose love for him exceeds The sum of all love spent. Exchange now all your hate for love, And know the man you don’t, So that a mercy from above May save the soul you won’t.