Mother And Child – Part 2

Will you be the very one Who will turn away from me When the resurrection’s done, Is that just the way we’ll be? Will we both await our turns On the plains of reckoning While the temperature, it burns All delusion that we bring? Will the passing of that grief Both our memories renew? Will I savor the relief At the fountain next to you? All of thirst quenched at the hands Of the one we longed to meet, Will I recognize the lands That you tread beneath your feet As the peace I once had known Back when you and I were one Fore the swell of time had grown Neath the blaze of newborn sun?

Mother And Child – Part 1

It’s hard to see you weep When you’re crying in the rain; It’s hard to hear your voice In the rattle of a train; It’s hard to hold a candle To the splendor in the sky, And hard to see the light When the sun is in my eye; So I can’t know the pains You knew when we were one, Like tears in the rains, And a candle in the sun; You kept a pieace of me From our separation sweet, I’ll know it when I see Paradise beneath your feet.


There is a peace one never knows If one does not believe, A peace that comes to only those Who masterfully weave A tapestry so intricate And rich in every strand That’s dyed with every hue of faith By a sincere hand; It is the peace that came upon A meditating man, A visit from a stranger by A sempiternal plan; The angel held him in embrace As was the task assigned, Compressed his heart, a thing of grace And piety combined. And thus the being heavenly Commanded him recite, But how could he comply when he Could neither read nor write; And so the man declined despite The vastness in his breast Again, the angel held him tight, Again his heart compressed. And when the angel pressed his will, The man was filled with fear, And feeling quite incapable, He sensed his end was near; But angel actions waver not, As does not falter plan That hones the intellect of what Is ordinary man. Embracing him again so tight, Expelling all his breath, Compressing heart with bonds of light, The man was near death; And then release, expanding breast So wide and so sublime, Exploding spirit long suppressed, Transcending space and time. A wave of light that filled the sea, A blast that filled the air, A shock that spanned the universe And all within its care; Then rose up, through the firmaments The news of what occurred: The last and final messenger Had borne the Mighty Word.