love, love and Love

How vain is a love that reason requires, For reasons don’t live very long: They thrive in a storm of capricious desires And die when the wind isn’t strong. And a love for no reason blows like a leaf That floats on the whim of a breeze,Wherever it blows, extinguishes grief That those in its path it may please. But love that is true stands firm as a tree That sprouts from surrendering seed, Its reason the One, eternal, and free Of all that creation may need.

Like An Airplane

‘Eid Mubarak to children far and wide. Let your imagination be your favorite toy, and your conscience be your guide. I can be almost anything I want to be, that’s right: A lion in the jungle with A very frightful bite, A tae-kwon-doh destroyer with A roundhouse kick to match, A gourmet chef of soups delish Who makes a world class batch, An airplane soaring in the sky That even knows to land, I can be almost anything  That I can understand, In fact I can be more than all Those things that I have said Because I always have a toy Idea in my head. The sky above, my trusted friend, The earth beneath my feet Is but my heart’s companion That never skips a beat. I’ll tread upon it gently as  My prophet said I should, It’s why airplanes up in the sky, I think, are very good, If they land the way they should.

The Last Ten Days Of Ramadan

Seek the night of power, Search until you find That barakah-filled hour To leave your past behind; Deliverance from the fire Descending from the Throne: Is there a mercy higher Than standing up alone These last ten nights of Ramadan, The even and the odd, When in the peace before the dawn Goes forth the Will of God.