Thursday Riddle (Feb 26, 2014)

You bow in silence with a humble grace Affording us this service you repeat: To drive away the darkness with your face While springtime flowers kiss your toeless feet.

My First Cinquains

Take root In constant love That like a forest grows All while the raging storm above It blows. A thing, Familiar now, But only so because I distinctly remember how It was. There are Stupid questions, And stupid people who Declare they don’t exist; you know They do.

Thursday Riddle – Feb 20, 2013

These hairy hunchbacks huddle to keep Warm all together as one; The mantle they share in perpetual sleep Is forged from a drop of the sun; The huddle is broken with one of them woken, And thusly their end is begun.

Ecphrasis of A Silent Tree

Picture courtesy my niece Zahraa. Thanks JM for what inspired the verse. O wintery night, how cold is your touch,My branches remember their leaves,I miss their green laughter, I miss it so muchTill all of me shivers and grieves. O wintery night, your stars lend to meThat with them my branches may playThe song of sweet silence, how it will beThe silentest rustle I say.

Thursday Riddle (Feb 13, 2014)

Do not, oh please don’t turn your back on me, And trust me with your limbs for just another Wee step, descend before you heed my plea: No rungs, just up the one and down the other; How pure the air of morning time can be. You cannot forbid my arrival, And though you may make me depart, Returning am I when clouds gather high Eclipsing the sun from your heart; Or when you are lost in a tempest Of heedless and dizzying mirth, I come to remind you as subtly I blind you To time in its glorious worth.

Thursday Riddle (Feb 6, 2014)

Although I resent this intruder I host him without a complaint And host him despite my complaint, Lest he may assume me the cruder, I deck him in apparel quaint Of silky bright robes, many layers, And let him remain here with me; It grieves me, though, when one declares Him grander than I’ll ever be. Updated, thanks to some healthy critiquing :-).