Diamond In The Rough

It’s fascinating how a stone may lie Deep  down beneath a hundred miles of earth, And stay there as a billion years go by To grow in hardness lending it it’s worth. It’s fascinating how a child may live Deep down beneath a thousand miles of pain, And stay there, although everything may give Till beating heart and fighting soul remain. This is the tale of diamonds in the rough, Unknown and unacknowledged through their time, And as if all that pressure’s not enough, They’re covered with the thickest coats of grime. To shine is not up to the stone or child But to the hand that finds it in the wild.

On Riverside Walks

I’ve strolled this river often thinking why I find myself attracted to its shore, And after some such strolling, can’t deny The reasons why it makes my spirit soar. Down icy slopes it rushes, breaks and winds And falls and crashes past its many bends, Yet through its madding gush, direction finds To get to where its epic journey ends. As every bend and crash may wealth exchange, It knows to never turn away from streams, No matter what their source, however strange, It joins them all to reach the sea of dreams. And though I turn around, it onward rolls Indifferent to my thoughts on pensive strolls.

Heart And Sole

They stand me up and sit me down, I’m safe when they are on the ground, Past fields, through woods, up canyons grand, Oh, how I love the touch of land. I know my feet have served me well, Though there were times I know I fell. And bikes and trams and trains and cars, And ships and planes and flights to Mars Are one side of the great divide Between a ride and happy stride. We drive and float and fly, yet greet A chance to be upon our feet, A bond that’s shared by earth and heart Grows stronger as they drift apart, And if you dare survive, you must Let feet and face both kiss the dust; From dust we come, in dust demise Till all that settles comes to rise.