Make me an omelette

Make me an omelette covered in cheese, Green peppers, black olives and cream, if you please.

Gus The Gentlemouse

Respectable Gus Nibble Gnawsom Apparels in manner quite awesome; His trousers of cotton are properly starched With shirt neatly pressed, and epaulettes arched, And tan leather boots whose ebony laces Would help Gnawsom get into elegant places; His coat lined with taffeta, cuff links of bronze Do help him to forge the most friendly of bonds; Apparel that brightens the bearing of Gus, There never was more handsome a gentlemouse. Note: It would be most gnawsome to pronounce it gentle-mus, evidenced by the last couplet.

Rosy Mariam Redhijab

Rosy Mariam Redhijab Loves to eat corn on the cob, She likes it with butter, she loves it with salt, And washes it down with a butterscotch malt.

Over The Ocean Blue

Teddy Lou Potter and his little daughter Sailed over the ocean blue, A curious otter pulled them in the water And gave them a cold. Ahchoo!

Don Dalrymple

Don Dalrymple had a dimple In his little chin; You hardly ever saw it ‘cept When Dalrymple would grin.

Johnny goes to the bathroom

Snaps his fingers, taps his toes, To the bathroom Johnny goes.

Good old formidable Samuel Bass

Good old formidable Samuel Bass Drank like a fish and ate like an ass, The secret of his most formidable mass Was how he kept to himself all of his gas. Gas has no mass unless you’re an ass Like good old formidable Samuel Bass.

I met an old man on Kings Boulevard

I met an old man on Kings Boulevard Who prided himself upon being a bard, He danced like a peacock and preened like a dove And blathered some words about romance and love.

Johnny’s too lazy to brush

Johnny’s too lazy to brush, Johnny’s too lazy to floss, The dentist affirms that soon he’ll have germs; Poor Johnny’s in terrible loss.

Raja Dhobi

Raja Dhobi loved his gobi, Tender, warm, and crunchy. Rani Dhobi loved her gobi, Mashed into a bunchee. She served it her way so much to his grief That he struck her head with a banyan leaf; They ate it together in tasty relief.