The World Is Still Spinning

The world is still spinning Despite all the sinning Because there are eyes That we never see Which know how to weep And weep to be free, While hearts steeped in love Awake in their sleep; And cordial neighbors Extend through their labors Of care and assistance Across every distance; Intelligent servants Who sacrifice winning To give peace a chance And keep the world spinning.

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The Wager

Surat, India 1904 “I can prove it, darling.” William Mortimer smiled smugly at his wife. He lay back on the toasty blanket and stretched himself out in the late afternoon Surat sun. Rachel laughed lightheartedly. “There is no need for that, dear. I don’t savvy your silly diversions.” William chuckled. Then all of a sudden, as if seized by a revelation, he sat up with excitement. “How about a little wager, woman?” He had that familiar childish sparkle in his eye. Rachel still had trouble deciding whether she loved it or loathed it. She smiled and returned to putting away picnic paraphernalia. The sun still had some degrees left to climb down before extinguishing itself in the silver waters of the Arabian Sea. “Come on. It will be jolly good. If I fail to prove my point, I shall, ” he paused for effect, “take you with me to Ahmedabad. You’ll join me and the Commissioner on our tours of the schools. What do you say to that?” That got Rachel’s attention. Staying at the bungalow and mingling with the locals was undoubtedly enjoyable, but traveling the land – now that was far more appealing. “And what do you intend to exact from me if you win?” she asked, keeping her eyes fixed on his. He shrugged his shoulders, “Nothing, really… except that you do my bidding without question.” Rachel rolled her eyes and shook her head. “Never!” William laughed aloud till tears streamed down his face. “Very well then, it […]


cobwebs in my head a welcome distraction know how I dread the glare of #truth and burden of #action


Hope with no plan Is a plan with no hope Unless hope IS the plan; Not a good one, nope.

What Else Is There

The end is met The means is fair Your soul intact What else is there


to quit: being bitter just to seem truthful to quit: being a quitter just to seem youthful


let all remorse drip like dew welcome the dawn welcoming you

Distracting Thoughts On Distracting Thoughts

I guarantee you do not need a cellphone, A bag of fries, unopened can of pop, A passenger behind you raising hell, drone About your driving with no plan to stop; A toddler trying hard to lose his harness Or children crying out to have their say Mixed in with whines complaining of the farness Of wherever you’re headed to this day. You do not need these things to be distracted Although they’re bound to help without a doubt, If you won’t rest until your life’s impacted By injury that glamorizes gout, Just tell yourself that you’re distraction-free, Then watch yourself distract you totally. This truly is intended as a public service message. (The cynical tone is deliberate but NOT meant to make light of the matter.) Distracted driving is a hazard Thoughts can distract just as much as anything else Don’t let your guard down Focus on what matters!

Holding On

The sun sets on one loss And rises on another Every setting though Reminds us letting go Is holding on to what matters