On So Much

            We like So Much so much; let me explain. Some nights we cuddle up as dad and tot And let the rhyme and flexible refrain To captivate us for the time we’ve got. Mom’s cool, and although Auntie Bibba rocks, It’s Uncle Didi, Nannie and Gran-Gran We love: the lingo Cousin Kay-Kay talks, Big Cousin Ross, and Daddy who’s THE MAN. “Again!” I dodge the sleepy tot’s protest And send the book to shelf with skillful toss, Distracting him with “Who do you like best?” He flashes toothy grin, “Big Cousin Ross.” So much is such an entertaining book By Helen Oxenbury and Trish Cooke.

Knocked Before Shot

Knocked before shot. The silent must go If a clue’s to be got.

Song Of Fallen Leaf

Turn me over, let me be Every opportunity That you lost, and then there’s those you had. I was once alive like you Green and sprung from morning dew Life is beautiful when times are glad. Watch me close and trace my veins Seen my share of storm and rains I’m a story waiting to be told. Stay the course and you will find All you’ve wished for in your mind Sit with me and feel the green turn gold.

Strong is my spine

Strong is my spine, so hold me That I may relate all that’s told me Through leaves often red, And though I be dead I’m yours till you’ve given or sold me.

On Saving Ourselves

Another Friday here, there’s nothing new But words of hate and death and plans to kill All justifiable by parties who Have pawned their souls to execute their will Who measure justice, let oppression rain Who ought to love their neighbors, want them dead Who swore submission, fight for petty gain Who long for peace, burn children still in bed It’s time we turned to where our faiths still stand Abandon feeling good about our states Because if feeling good is all we’ve planned Then we have crystallized our rotten fates Humanity, all, at a banquet rests Let’s eat what’s served and spare the other guests