To know where winds the stream of luck And whence arrive the rains of ease Look where the tear stains the rug With naught but night for company.


He wept and he prayed in the light of the moon Not a moment relenting from prayer As the tears streamed down his beautiful face Every breath of his scented the air. All three hundred men and thirteen, lay asleep In the peace that the night prayer brought But he stayed awake with an awe in his heart Of the Might and Majesty of God. The ache in his feet, the pleas of his friend And the night’s cold pursuit of the dawn Couldn’t turn him away from the presence Divine That his being was focused upon. We turn to the world with our hopes and our fears Belittling the power of prayer Yet a fortress of planning and action will fall If it’s built on a foundation where The reliance on God isn’t there. حسبي اللہ ونعم الوکيل Inspired by Shaykh Amin’s sermon this past Friday.

Just Another Friday Song

On the ramp To the tollway It’s crammed The whole way Slow going Beats no going Thoughts rain On my window To drain All my sin though Still flowing Unknowing The day is young and Fri It’s time I enter my Cave And feel the light As smiles and tears race To grace and stain your face Time Will seal the night Again.

Don’t coddle your sadness

Don’t coddle your sadness To demons’ delight That drives you to madness Away from the light, But do let your sorrow To lift you on wings Of hopeful tomorrow And all that it brings.

To The Trump Transition Team, With Love

Remember always: they’ll be watching you, So watch yourself and be a bit afraid; Injustice has a way of falling through And dragging with it all who give it aid. So think before you act if think you can; It is a way to take a matter through The stages of a formidable plan And most importantly, do think of you. For once a plan is executed, know The livelihoods and lives that it enslaves All come together as a hammer’s blow On tyrant bodies writhing in their graves. The angels watching, waiting, never tire To drag the hands of tyrants into fire.


The darkness behind me said: Darkness is here The darkness before me said: You will know fear The darkness above me said: Where will you hide The darkness below me said: Come to my side So I shut my eyes and I saw through the wall I covered my ears and I heeded the call The darkness within was the darkest of all I opened a window and let in the dawn Now all of the darkness within me is gone