A Change of Heart

The blood on her cheek,
The steel in her eye,
No, she wasn’t weak,
Was his turn to cry;

He wanted to read
The words he had heard,
She told him he’d need
Ablution; concurred

And sat down to read
From parchment upon
Were written the words,
Majestic Quran.

The beauty that shined
In His heart through his eye
Expanded his mind
As wide as the sky;

It spoke to his heart
With nothing between
And washed every part
Of it till it was clean.

And all he had wrought:
The cries of the slave,
The innocent coos
Of the child in her grave,

All fell from his eyes
And streamed down his face
To signal the rise
Of another in grace;

He made for the house
Of al-Arqam with haste,
No doubt in his mind,
Not a moment to waste,

And when he arrived,
He knocked on the door
And waited what felt
Like some moments before

It opened and there
Before him did stand
The prophet; at once
Extended his hand,

Then grabbing Umar
By his belt, drew him near
And asked him to make
His intentions all clear;

And Umar did so 
In reverent tone,
At which did the prophet
Praise Allah alone;

The house of al-Arqam
Rejoiced when they heard
The son of al-Khattab
Had uttered the Word.

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