Bazaar Rap

Tread with care: it’s the Internet.
You best beware of the sin in it.
You know how they call this thing the world wide web,
Eyes on your wallet and your every step
As you stroll through the streets of this crowded bazaar,
Take care who you meet, don’t you ramble too far,
Know the longer that you ramble, less the roses more the bramble;
E’en the roses aren’t safe in this party of dead,
Smell them LONG enough, and they will mess with your head,
Just walk right on keeping straight to your way
Past the shops by the hundreds, watching well what you say;
This bazaar will remember everything that you do,
Everything that you say, and everything said to you.
So, tread with care: it’s the Internet.
You best beware of the sin in it.

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