Won the “Lighting of the Fire” Poetry Contest

Good news for me. I recently learned that my entry was placed first in the “Lighting of the Fire” Poetry Contest sponsored by Highland Park Poetry and the Ravinia Neighbors Association. I have been invited to read it at the November 22nd Centennial Celebration of the Ravinia Village House (that’s Friday night). Here’s an article talking about the upcoming celebration. http://www.ravinianeighbors.org/ravinia-neighbors-association-blog/your-invitation-to-a-once-in-a-century-event And here’s the winning poem. http://www.highlandparkpoetry.org/home.html My sincere thanks to the Ravinia Neighbors Association and Highland Park Poetry for this recognition. I’ve pasted the poem below in case the above link expires :-). A Spark and a Fire I often set to wonder why We take the stands we take; What makes us rise from where we lie, And stirs our hearts to wake When forth, the ever silent, speak To light a tiny spark That burns a flame by which we seek To drive away the dark; Like planters of the olive tree, They never taste its fruit, Which, like the one who eats from it, Knows nothing of its root. I think the answer might well be The courage of a few Whose grit, resolve, tenacity, And other virtues too Deliver us to light again This fire that will burn In honor of their service then, An honor we return.

Wrote My First Book

There! I said it. And I said it with all the mediocrity I could summon into my fingertips. Now, don’t get me wrong. It is a big deal, or rather it was when I finished the manuscript. But I am trying to make a point in this post, and to get to it, I must dwell on the title line a bit. So I’ll say it again. I wrote my first book. Yes. I wrote it in January of 2012. It all happened quite suddenly, and very unexpectedly. I was with my family one Saturday morning brunching at the Egg Harbor Cafe in downtown Naperville. We were just making small talk when my wife brought up the topic of schooling in India. Before we knew it, somewhere between the belgian waffle and the cheese grits (if you haven’t, you’ve got to try their cheese grits), the conversation whittled itself into a long and slender bamboo cane – one that graced the hand of our high school headmaster. No, we’re not that old, but we did go to school in India, and back when we were in school, about twenty-five years ago, getting your daily stripes courtesy said bamboo cane could easily become an everyday ritual, albeit a painful one. So as we whittled the proverbial cane of our conversation into dust, I said to my wife (and I paraphrase): “Hey, maybe I could write a book on this. You know, about oppression at two entirely different levels. There’s the headmaster […]

Published in The Society of Classical Poets 2013 Annual Journal

Four of my five submissions were published in the 2013 Annual Journal of the Society of Classical Poets. The works included are: Children of the Year Jameel and Jameelah On Cancer, Guns and Hit ‘n Runs The Ever Rising Tide This is a real honor for me considering only forty poets were selected from over 600 participants, and the journal has about seventy-five poems in it. Very heartening for me and my work. Thanks to Evan Mantyk for his consideration, and for his zeal in keeping the tradition of classical English poetry alive and thriving. -KM

Placed Second In The Highland Park Poetry Challenge 2012

I was recently informed of being awarded second place for Highland Park Poetry’s 2012 Poetry Challenge. The theme was Seasons/Siblings, and my entry, Children of the Year was judged in the Seasons category.

My first message

Welcome to my blog.  Over the next few days, I plan to post poems I have written in the past. Once I’ve done that, I will continue posting my new works as they come to be. And I welcome all kinds of feedback, of course :-).