A day on the prairie

Today: just a day on the prairie bounding leaping suddenly silently wary slow down amble on by the brown stroke of dawn


Nothing ejects me from my latibule atop this mile-high oak: do nothing and I’ll be down

Drive Safely, America

The roads are icy and the wind is chilling The fog of information thick and clear You aren’t free till your heart is into willing To cut the bonds of ignorance and fear. Drive carefully, America.


              Wiped down my cabinets, murphy oil came to the rescue Unpresidented is trending about So I cleared up the fallen snow before it turned to ice And I logged off to look for America

The snow is coming

Now they say the snow is coming Out this way, so we’re becoming All excited for the work that lies ahead. There’ll be driveways needing clearing Icy patches interfering With the plans of children rushing off to sled.

If you must bear a burden

If you must bear a burden, Bear it like a tree. If you must hide a secret, Hide it like the sea.

Build me a cabin

Build me a cabin Somewhere in the forests of sanity Between the mountains Of absence and familiarity.

Slow down

Floating flakes of snow remind us: time to slow down a bit.

There’s always something to find

There’s always something to find: when you lose your way you come to find a chance to find your way again, a chance to leave your past behind.


Sit down and listen: Hear the muted songs of lives Extinguished by the reign of guns and tongues. Sit down and listen.