Pasha’s Parrot

The featherbrained Pasha of Ghaali Adopted a parrot named Polly. He taught her times tables and hundreds of fables Until in a moment of unguarded folly, She flew through the stables in manner so jolly And squawked of her hate for the Pasha of Ghaali. It was the last thing that she said, The next day, poor Polly was dead.

Yunus The Grocer

This grocery rhyme in honor of our local grocer. Yunus the grocer sold his samosas At two-dollars-fifty a pound: A savory treat of taters and meat So very exquisitely ground, And wrapped in a layer of dough, All packaged and ready to go.

Lukey, Slurp!

Lukey, slurp! Lukey, nibble! Lukey, burp! Lukey, dribble! Slurping, nibbling, Burping, dribbling, Doings of my Youngest sibling.

Daisy Muzaffer Susannah the Third

Have you ever heard of that fine hummingbird, Miss Daisy Muzaffer Susannah the Third, She hummed and she minged, oh the joy that she bringed To the tulips that smiled and the bluebells that ringed.

Goose, Gone

Stuff your mouth, bulge your cheeks, Fly down south for sixteen weeks.

Old Dame Rehmet

Old Dame Rehmet weaved a tale Like no one in her time, With flying turnips, itching queens And demons speaking rhyme, She told them all in different voices And the wildest costume choices.

Bubba Brickle

Bubba Brickle liked to tickle Little children’s toes, They socked his eye and made him cry Till snot ran out his nose.

Fishing For Pike

Gulls swoop. Dodge poop. Fish bite; All right! Pike soup for dinner tonight.

Come again

It’s wet, It’s sweat. It’s not; It’s snot.

Sayyaad Al-Sarsoor

Sayyaad Al-Sarsoor’s occupation Was from the most curious of jobs: He hunted cockroaches, and shaped from them brooches That ladies emblazoned upon their hijaabs. I tell you it was the most curious of jobs.