Forthcoming book!

I have some great news. Renowned academic press, Fons Vitae, recently accepted my proposal for a collection of poems. The book is to be titled: In The Warmth Of the Shade

This has been in the works for almost four years now. I heard back from the amazing Virginia Gray Henry last August, and it has been steadily picking up steam ever since. We’re presently working on firming up a final draft. The super talented Sumaiyya Rahman (  is working on the book cover – to be shared once it’s closer to its final state.

With a foreword by my friend and patron, Umar Shakur, the book will feature forty poems selected from my works. Here’s the tentative book blurb.

In the Warmth of the Shade is a collection of forty poems presented in three sections: CreatorCreation, and The Best of Creation. Some poems are stories or historical accounts, others are supplications, and still others offer a peek into the breadth and depth of the Islamic faith. These poems are composed in a variety of classical forms to honor the form and content that is characteristic of traditional academic Islam. Muslim readers will rediscover the oral Islamic tradition passed down over the generations. Others will find a gentle introduction to Muslim thinking and preoccupation.

Alhamdulillah this is finally happening. This publication wouldn’t be possible without the support of some fabulous individuals. They know who they are, and yes, I will duly acknowledge their support in print :-).

Anyway, I just wanted to share this out. I will keep posting updates as they come in.

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