How Sweet is the Song

On the blessed birth of Jesus, the son of Mary.

Note: I didn’t mean for this to follow the meter of Away in a manger, it just happened.

How sweet is the song
Of a stream in the wild
That softens its rush
At the coos of a child;

How sweet is the song
Of the leaves in the breeze
That rustle and fall
On the weary knees

And hands of a maiden
So pure as the dawn
Caressing the face
Of her baby that shone;

How sweet is the song
Of the grass that is green,
Where showers of dates
Meet the water serene;

How sweet is the song
Of the angels that span
The space and the time
Which with Adam began.

This Word from the Lord
So conceived in the morn:
How blessed the child
In a day that is born.

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