In Loss – Part 2

You took away my wealth and home,
My car, my work, my every gain,
You said you care about me, but
I doubt you even feel my pain.

Ordaining with your know-it-all
Demeanor to enrich my brain,
I trusted all my friends but you
Divided us till none remains.

Remember, at the school that day
Could you not stop the stranger who
Took everything away from me?
Was that the best that you could do?

And as I live your complex plan
You sit upon your throne so high
And watch me make my many slips
Until the very day I die.

I think about the wealth I lost,
My pleasures that you took away,
Your knowledge and your power that
Shall hold me to each word I say.

But when my day on earth is done,
With time and all its children dead,
Will I be in your loving arms
And sorry for the things I said?

I’ll never think those things again;
I feel so little when I see
How you bestow your love upon
An undeserving soul like me.

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