In Loss – Part 1

You took away my m-and-m’s,
My snickers, and my candy cane,
You said you care about me, but
I doubt you even feel my pain.

You came in with your know-it-all
Demeanor to enrich my brain,
To turn the television off
While on it all my friends remain.

Remember, at the hospital,
You showed you had no feelings when
You chose to simply stand aside
And watch a stranger prick my skin.

And then you hatched a complex plot
And sat back just to watch the show
Enjoying my mistakes and slips,
All just to say you told me so.

I hated you for all I lost,
My pleasures that you took away,
Your know-it-all demeanor, and
Correcting every word I say.

But when I cuddle up in bed
With Goodnight Moon upon your chest,
I’m cozy in your loving arms
And sorry for the things I said.

I’ll never think those things again;
I feel so little when I see
How you bestow your love upon
An undeserving soul like me.

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