2014 Chaining Project Unveiled at Madame Zuzu’s, And Another Open-mic

Last night was the unveiling of the 2014 Chaining Project conducted by the Highland Park Poetry Chain Gang. I was at the event held  at Madame Zuzu’s Tea shop and Art Studio in Highland Park.

It was enjoyable to hear the chain begin with Arthur Rimbaud’s Time Without End, navigate through verse describing a hike in the woods along a polluted stream, and culminate in defeat at a ball game :-).

The open-mic that followed was more interesting than usual. I performed Take HeartCabbage Wisdom, and One-Dream Child
Also it turns out Madame Zuzu’s is owned by Billy Corgan, once frontman for the Smashing Pumpkins. I read some excerpts from his anthology titled Blinking with Fists. Not bad at all.
About the tea served at Madame Zuzu’s… well, the water was certainly hot.

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