Like An Airplane

‘Eid Mubarak to children far and wide. Let your imagination be your favorite toy, and your conscience be your guide.

I can be almost anything

I want to be, that’s right:
A lion in the jungle with
A very frightful bite,
A tae-kwon-doh destroyer with
A roundhouse kick to match,
A gourmet chef of soups delish
Who makes a world class batch,
An airplane soaring in the sky
That even knows to land,
I can be almost anything 
That I can understand,
In fact I can be more than all
Those things that I have said
Because I always have a toy
Idea in my head.
The sky above, my trusted friend,
The earth beneath my feet
Is but my heart’s companion
That never skips a beat.
I’ll tread upon it gently as 
My prophet said I should,
It’s why airplanes up in the sky,
I think, are very good,
If they land the way they should.

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