Lil One, Don’t Break Your Fast

I wrote a little something to encourage my children to fast this Ramadan. Sixteen hours is a looooong time. 

Come on, lil’ one, don’t break your fast,
The sun will set upon us, soon
All thirst and hunger will have passed,
And you’ll set out to find the moon;

‘Cept you won’t see it every day,
Because the moon and earth and sun
Are steadfast in their patient play;
And patience plays with anyone.

If you pick up a tasty treat
And almost put it in your mouth,
Stand frozen as you point your feet,
The left one north, the right one south.

Don’t take that glass of water to
Your parched and thirsty, fasting lips.
Pretend your left big toe is you,
And let it have a couple sips.

Blah blah buzz buzz ha ha hee hee.
Did you know saum means silence too?
Make like a giant, sprawling tree,
And sway your hands as branches do.

If all this makes you shake your head,
And crave a more rewarding chore,
Then to your blessed path instead;
You’re not so little anymore.

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