Love, Returning

The recent talk by Shaykh Amin on the life of Lady Aasiyah brought me to compose this. And I write it now to celebrate the birth of my niece, Aasiyah Fatimah Mohajir. Congratulations to her parents and grandparents.

I welcome you, O Aasiyah
And wish for you all good
In faith and health and happiness,
As all, who love you, would.

But do you know, O Aasiyah,
The Aasiyah of old,
Who lived by gardens of delight
In palaces of gold.

Was married to a mighty king;
She raised a prince who fled
Into the wild, returning as
A Messenger instead.

And when she heard his message, she
Submitted with her all,
Yet carefully concealed it lest
The Messenger may fall;

But when her husband set to slay
The noble Messenger,
Her actions, all his burning wrath,
Diverted, as it were:

She showed her faith before the king
She loved with all her heart,
But all of love and mercy did
His countenance depart.

There is no measure of the pain
Her body did endure,
Yet in belief she did remain,
Immaculate and pure,

Beseeching Allah for a home,
A mansion by His Throne,
To roam the Garden, lofty, high,
And as she thought, alone.

But little did she know the Lord
Would gather all her love,
And destine her for marriage in
The heavens up above.

For do you know, my dear child,
Khadeejah did rejoice
At who would be fair Aasiyah’s
Companion of choice;

That Paradise around the Throne
Shall feast and celebrate
When AbulQasim takes the hand
Of his beloved mate.

And that, my dear Aasiyah,
Was Aasiyah of old,
Who lives by Gardens of delight,
And beauty manifold.

Such beauty, manifold.

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