Mami’s Girl

There were many sounds she hated
Words came harsh until the shots ill-fated
Cut her papi down inside a store

But then even harsher did this feel
To be away from that one person
She had never been without before

She thought back to how her mami
Sobbed like she had never seen
When a stranger tore her from her mami’s chest

Maybe this is hell and she had died
And that’s the reason mami cried
If only she had tried to be her best

Now she’s weeping in the dark because
She won’t see papi, heard he was
Sent off to live a happy life up there

She has learned how not to cry
Hoping someday she’ll undie,
Get to smell mami again and touch her hair

And the big man in the way
Makes it hard for her to say
Everything she wants to share but dare not tell

You may even see her smile
Though her wound runs half a mile
All the way from mami’s warm embrace to hell

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