The Man From Nineveh

Inside the belly of a whale,
Within the belly of the sea,
Is where the man from Nineveh,
Eventually came to be.

And now, recovered from his shock,
He lay against the dismal grime,
And thought about his Ninenveh
For what might be the final time.

There, with his keen prophetic eye,
He plumbed the depths of honest thought,
Of what upon poor Nineveh,
His gross abandonment had brought.

And in a moment of such depth,
The Truth descended on the heart
Of our good man from Nineveh.
Who sat up with a sudden start;

He’d left his people in the dark,
And here he was in darkness cold,
But Nineveh, his Nineveh,
Ought not to feel this loss untold.

He’d set without his Lord’s command,
Upon a quest for solitude
(Away from needy Nineveh),
And now with such was he imbued.

His fears turned to love, he wept,
Beseeched his Lord with moistened eyes.
O Yunus, best of Nineveh,
Upon you peace the day you rise.

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