Now My Heart Is An Ocean

There runs a stream from every limb,
A river from each organ,
And every single one that flows
From the top of my head
To the tips of my toes,
Yes, each one drains my plains and goes
Down into the seas of my heart.

And there it splashes against the cliffs
Of my transgression,
Mixing with the salt of my sin.
Now my heart is an ocean,
And my journey may begin.
But where does an ocean go?

It goes to my eyes and streams down my face
As I fall to my knees in utter disgrace
Till the winds of forgiveness blow on its waves
Of hope for this lowly, most hapless of slaves.

Yes, there’s hope in these tears
To put out the flames
Of a fire that taunts me
By all of my names.

Let them flow till the seas of my heart become calm,
Till my face feels the kiss of eternal Salaam.

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