On Hearts That Grow Fonder

You’ve been away for longer now,
I cannot count the ways
That I, my dear, have missed you. How
I’ve missed you all these days.

The morning sun inspiring
The twitter of the birds,
The peace the starry nights do bring,
And my pathetic words

All grieve the absence of your smile
That livens up the air,
While gentle scents of chamomile
And lavender declare

My never-ceasing love for you,
My treasured company;
In every little thing I do,
And every thing I see,

I see the mercy of the One
Who so my heart inclined,
That in my weak affection, His
Vast Mercy is defined.

It’s true, the heart grows fonder,  now
I long to see your smile
And happily forget just how
I’ve missed you all this while.

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