Song of You

I wrote this in honor of a friend of a friend who has entered the last stages of a 10-year long battle with Benson’s syndrome, a visual variant of Alzheimer’s Disease. This is dedicated to all those enduring the many forms of dementia out there. Peace and love.

It doesn’t matter what it is
It doesn’t matter why it’s there
What it’s for or where it goes
Or how it got upon that chair

All that matters is your heart
Playing softly in your chest
Celebrating all you’ve got
You’re so different from the rest

Sweet and sinless is your breath
Drawing circles in my hands
Home is past the stream of death
Where the sun is in the sands

Let the moments come and go
Each a lifetime on it’s own
They don’t matter now, you know
All that matters has been known

Smell the flowers, grab the sky
Hear the laughter, even cry
God is greater than it all
You will get to ask Him why

As will I

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  • liberonova says:

    Impressive. We all know people who have ‘something’ (a disease or something specific), but everybody has dear ones in his family who are facing dementia. My grandfather was about 60 or younger when he suffered from a form of dementia in the seventies. I write about him in his good days as a professor in my novella The Flexibilizer on I have used authentic letters he wrote to his wife during the Second World War. Well, your poetry does something to me, that is clear. The subjects of your writings are about daily life, so people can recognize themselves in your work. Thanks to your openness.

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