Before It's Too Late

The thing about apologies:
Can make them anytime,
It’s easy to say sorry for
Just any sort of crime;

The only time apologies
Are wasted on your breath
Is when the one they’re meant for has
Already tasted death.

So shed the weight of arrogance,
And swallow all your pride,
You’ll wish you had when someone has
Eventually died.

And know: it’s not for everyone.
To see a matter through
Is not a thing for children, it’s
What men and women do.

2 Replies to “Before It's Too Late”

  1. A beautiful message, "I'm sorry is still one on the most difficult things to articulate. The enlightened tell us that a true apology requires that the head and the heart engage in a blissful alignment, this can only be achieved if one makes him/herself accountable for the action of causing another pain. More often than not we justify our actions making a half-hearted attempt at an apology that adds the proverbial fuel to the fire… brings back a flurry of memories, some worse than others :}. How about a stab at "The Apology" as your next inspiration eh Khalid…

  2. Dear Reader,
    Thank you for your comment. I think I understand what you are saying, in that the actual act of making a sincere apology can be a fairly involved process, not as simple as one might think. I would love to have the opportunity to attempt to render such an instance into a poem. If you find the time, please click the Suggest a Theme topic and jot down a short narrative of an experience you have had, leave out names and dates, narrate in abstract.

    Thanks again for the thought-provoking comment.

    Wishing you peace & health.


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