The Kindness of Zak Lombardi

My second Zak Lombardi installment. Thanks, AM, for the motivation :-).
Little Zak Lombardi
Was always late for school,
Was exceptionally tardy,
Though he followed every rule.
He remembered now the words
Of Miss Benson yesterday
As he smiled up at the birds
That he spied along the way.
Yes, today Zak would be
Right on time to catch the bus,
He would give old Miss B.
Not a chance to make a fuss.
But then just as he got
Right about to cross the street,
Zak Lombardi came to spot
Granny Williams on her feet.
And she held in her hands
Many bags that were filled
To their tops with the groceries
Determined to be spilled.
As she stumbled on right past him,
And he ambled as he did,
Little Zak had a glimmer
Of what makes a kindly kid.
Sure the walk five block south
Would not make Miss Benson glad,
But a taste in his mouth
Said it won’t be all that bad.
So around turned Lombardi
Took the bags with a smile
And that pleased Granny Williams
The entire half a mile.
There always will be choices
That, my friend, you’ll have to make,
But a chance to be kind
Is the one to ever take.

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