The Need Of The Hour

All the children we orphan,
All the children we kill:
We can deck every coffin,
But we can’t check our will.

All our tears are fire,
All our mourning is play,
When we look in the mirror
And we must turn away.

Thirty seconds of sorrow
To be ready to preach,
No, the fire burns deeper
Than the heat of our speech.

Take a moment to wonder:
If the tables were turned,
Would we run to hide under
All our family burned.

Time to strangle injustice
With sincerity’s rope;
Time to drown every challenge
In a puddle of hope.

But we’re lost to the darkness
If we’re led by the blind,
And the seeing, all silent,
Simply follow behind.

Fighting fire with fire
Maybe needed sometimes,
But the need of the hour
Is for wide open minds.

Wide. Open. Minds.

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