The Table Manners of Zak Lombardi

Here’s a shout out to every little Zakariyya that lives in Lombard :-).

Zak Lombardi has such fun
Each day when his day is begun
With Salaam to his dad, Salaam to his mom,
And Salaam to just everyone.

Zak Lombardi wants to eat,
So he sits in his usual seat,
Then patiently waits for platters and plates
Each bearing a breakfasty treat.

Zak Lombardi smacks his lips
Bismillah he starts off with sips
Of milk, then a bite of toasty delight
That powders his wet fingertips.

He licks them all clean with a smile,
Alhamdulillah all the while,
He kisses his brother, says thanks to his mother,
Oh, he’s such a beautiful child.

Salaam to greet, then patience,
Bismillah begins all occasions,
Then everything ends with hamd
And a sweet little thank you to mom.

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