Time for a Plan

In the face of forever,
One year, or one hundred,
All amount to the blink of an eye,
The span of a sigh,
Or the time that it takes
For time to go by.

So why then say that it is all over
When cancer claims her
Bullets ravage him
Conspiracy frames you
Or Facebook savages them.

I can see why:
It’s because
You are contained in time,
So it’s hard,
And as my brother says,
Harder to ignore it.

But you didn’t use to be
You are built to live
Outside of time.

So, don’t say it is over.
Say instead: it has begun.
It will be over
When the One
Over it says it’s done.

May Yaqub’s sweet patience
Be your balm.
Stay calm
Let’s make a plan,

You, for your troubles,
And I, for mine.

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