Toe Disciplined

I skinned my big toe on the sidewalk yesterday,
Comes from doing stupid at the age I’m at;
When the brain has the body execute a crazy play,
Most ingenious imaginings go splat.

Came the time to sit down, put myself in that toe,
Set to ponder why this tribulation come,
Everything that comes to pass, each insignificant blow
Is a lesson that a story has become.

So I thought, and I sought, as this left big toe of mine,
Any reason for my violent defacement,
But I couldn’t find an answer till I happened on a sign
Clarifying the physics of big toe placement:

Getting down on my knees just to tender a prostration
Proved to be a source of pain that burned and shocked;
It is so that I learned navigating my frustration
That my toe is where my arrogance lies locked.

I know why, I know what; so this lesson I will heed,
And the Lord be praised for such big toes that bleed.

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