Waking Up

I wrote this piece to motivate my children to rise before dawn. They helped me with the first two stanzas.

An angel whispers something sweet,
I think it is my name,
I feel a hand upon my feet
And wonder what became

Of angel words, for there I see
Before my sleepy eyes
My mother smiling down at me,
A smile to make me rise.

But when she leaves, I tuck my chin
Into my knees, upon
My bed that feels so cozy in
The early light of dawn.

And now another whisper takes
Me back to yesterday,
To wonder why the heart awakes
Around this time to pray.

I open wide my eyes and think
Of all the peace I felt,
Exchanging sleep’s delicious drink
For thoughts of when I knelt.

And all this thinking makes me long
To feel that love divine,
I stagger through this wake-up song
To make ablution fine:

The water on my hands and face,
The drops upon my head,
Around my feet they stream and race
Till all of sleep has fled.

Responding to the morning call,
I stand prepared to pray,
Then raise my hands and push it all
Behind me as I say

Allahu Akbar.

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