Winter Remembrance

The signs to love God and His beloved are everywhere. Looking over the prairie on a gloomy Saturday, I felt this rush of words fall in a sonnet. SallAllahu ‘alayhi wa Sallam.

My heart is as the prairie, dry and dead;
Though withered by the kiss of autumn winds,
It welcomes drops of rain that fall instead
Reminding me of my surviving sins.
But somewhere through the prairie flows a stream
Of sweet remembrances: a name, a face,
A man whose love for me surpasses dream,
A love that thrives beyond all time and space.
All death is winter, silent, cold and still,
All life is spring where hearts revive, immersed
In love and faith, beat patiently until
The waters of the fountain slay all thirst.
I long to drink my fill from hands I know
Will take me to my Lord, won’t let me go.

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