Letting Go To Hold On

You lay upon that ledge of death and grabbed My hand, I begged you not to let it go, But saw the razor edge of breath that stabbed And thus released your fettered soul. I know I was a fool, distracted by a cloud That wept above your ledge to frame this scene In hills of sorrow, graying, heavy browed Through winds of comfort blowing in between. But now I understand my fall was best Toward this grand abyss of life, was shown You earned your lofty ledge of death, so rest; And I shall climb to one that is my own. I see now that the tears of that cloud Were rains of mercy we were both allowed.

Under The Influence

We can designate a driverIf we know we’re going to speedIn the clutches of a spiritOr the overdrive of weed,But there is an old intoxicantThe heart can feed the brainThat can taint our blood without a traceAnd make us go insane.And the only way to keep that drugFrom getting in our veinsIs to bring respect, humanityAnd patience to our lanes.Anger injures, anger maims,Anger kills, anger burnsLike a coal from hell behind the wheelNegotiating turns. You say no to drugs, to alcoholAnd even shun your phoneAs you rev up all four thousand poundsOf metal that you own. Now it’s time we take a pledge,Bring our decency along,Show some spine and wage restraintAgainst the influences strongOf the deadliest impulsesThat can ornament the wrong.Let’s not cast the melody of life Into a funeral song,But defuse this bomb, locate those wires And cut them off at seethe, To return where life begins, and learnTo breathe. And let breathe.

Swiping Away My Tears

I have no tears left to shed for you, No sympathetic words slide off my tongue, The salty streams of sympathy you’re due Evaporate upon theĀ setting sun Upon which I recline in heedless glee And never long for water once, so tell Me how a heart as drunk as mine may see The horror in a face that’s been to hell. It is ironic when my heart inclines Toward you in a stand-up comic’s pokes, And that if all my empathy defines, Do understand: it’s hard to weep at jokes. I have no tears left to shed for you; For now, a mastercard will have to do.