Distracting Thoughts On Distracting Thoughts

I guarantee you do not need a cellphone,
A bag of fries, unopened can of pop,
A passenger behind you raising hell, drone
About your driving with no plan to stop;
A toddler trying hard to lose his harness
Or children crying out to have their say
Mixed in with whines complaining of the farness
Of wherever you’re headed to this day.
You do not need these things to be distracted
Although they’re bound to help without a doubt,
If you won’t rest until your life’s impacted
By injury that glamorizes gout,
Just tell yourself that you’re distraction-free,
Then watch yourself distract you totally.

This truly is intended as a public service message. (The cynical tone is deliberate but NOT meant to make light of the matter.)

  • Distracted driving is a hazard
  • Thoughts can distract just as much as anything else
  • Don’t let your guard down
  • Focus on what matters!

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