Once Upon A Trump

Once upon a trump
In an old thick wood
In the hollow of a stump
Where an oak once stood
Lived a colony of ants
And their life was good
And they all got along
As well as they could.

Now every trump
That the rain would fall
They would leave their stump
And those ants would crawl
To a big safe hill
Made of mud and all
And they had no fear
For they had their wall.

Was a great big wall
For it went all round
And it stood quite tall
On the forest ground
And it kept out all
Other creatures bound
For the stump in the middle
That it did surround.

When the rain would stop
All the ants would jump
Out the mud hilltop
To descend with a whump
Then a skip and a hop
To their favorite stump
Wherein they’d abide
In a great big clump.

It happened one trump
That the rain fell long
And the hill came down
Did the ants so wrong
So they went to their stump
For their stump was strong
But the roots of the oak
Came loose like a song
And they all spread out
In many a throng.

They marched to the wall
In different rows
In different ways
As the story goes
Till they all climbed up
As the water rose
Up the wall they wished
Hadn’t touched their toes.

Was a difficult trump
For those ants in pain
Oh to see their stump
Fallen in the rain
In a watery dump
That was hard to drain
So they sat on the wall
And they mourned in vain.

But the sight they saw
Was a beautiful sight
For the wood was green
And the ground was right
And the creatures all
Just seemed to delight
In the dance of the rain
And the song of the night.

What happens next
Only trump will tell.

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