Sitting On The Banks Of Reflection

Your smile, my child, I love your smile,
It takes me to a sunny place,
And if you hold it for a while,
I’ll feel its warmth upon my face.

Your laugh, my child, I love it so,
I’m taken by your mirthful eyes
To where the babbling waters flow
Upon the bed that never dries.

And when our journey is complete,
Will you and I walk hand in hand
With him who all the angels greet
With all the praise his names command,

To, on the lush eternal banks
Of sweet reflection, realize
The golden sunshine of a smile
In silver streams of mirthful eyes.

As we beseech in Paradise:

Ilaahi, send your prayers and peace
Upon the dearest of your friends,
And on his blessed family,
And all of his companions.

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