The Path Forward

I’ve walked this road for long, but now
I don’t know what to do
When on the way I find my path
Diverging into two:

One filled with thorn and bramble bush,
The other barren, dusty;
The former floral, beautiful,
The latter grim and fusty;

Now neither path is beaten yet
For both are solely mine,
And I can’t turn around to stem
The forward rush of time;

I see the paths join up ahead,
But first I must declare
Which one will be the one I tread
In order to get there;

I take my time and think about
The purpose of my quest,
And find that neither path can be
A place for me to rest.

And thus I choose the dusty path
And let the bramble be:
The lesser of two troubles is
The better choice for me.

There’s more I have to see.

Inspired by the prophetic exhortation to always choose the lesser of two evils.

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